Friday, November 19, 2010

How do you curl fine, shoulder length hair?

I have thin, shoulder-length hair that's cut into layers. I've tried using a straightener and curling iron to curl my hair but had no success. I would like to try it with rollers. Would that work? If so, how do I use them? I've never done this before so please, a step-by-step would be appreciated. Also, is there a particular brand/set I should think about buying?

Thank you all in advance!How do you curl fine, shoulder length hair?
I use hot rollers. Start at the top and work your way down.comb up a section and wrap it around the hair. If you put in a lot of curlers it will be curly. For straighter hair use fewer with more hair on each curler.Another trick I use is to put my hair in a ponytail and curl the ends. It only takes a few minutes and works well. Use Pantene curls spray gel.When you take your hair out of hot rollers let it cool before you comb or brush it. If you want big, loose curls just run your fingers through it. If you brush it a lot you will lose the curl.How do you curl fine, shoulder length hair?
You want to choose a curling iron that is made of ceramic for less damage to the hair - just like the chi flat iron. To keep lasting curls first you want to run the curling iron down the section you are going to curl to heat the hair. Then take the section and spray with hairspray. Curl the section of hair (it might smoke a bit from the product - don't be alarmed) and let cool don't touch or brush the hair until its cool to the touch. Then lightly with your fingers style the curls and apply hair spray again. It should last all day long!
Well instead of using a curling iron and burn your hair I suggest scrunching it! I also have thin hair and I scrunch my hair all the time! and I love it because it makes my hair have those natural looking spiral curls (: and when I scrunch it I use herbal essences scrunching gel which works great!
i would try a regular curling iron. i would stay away from conair though because they dont seem to work that well. buy any kind of volumizing shampoo. if you do buy just a regular curling iron, turn the heat seeting up all the way and leave it in your hair for an extra 3 seconds than you normally would. use hairspray too! lots and lots! good luck with it!