Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you curl hair?

I am having the hardest time trying to curl my hair with a curling iron. Its just really hard for me. My hair will either turn out frizzy and wont look like a curl, or it will just come out as nothing. And its so frustrating, and I know I'm going something wrong. I don't want tiny and lots of curls, but I just want to have like some curls at the bottom. Like in the movie A Perfect Man or The Perfect Man [one of those two titles] Hilary Duff stars in it, and at the end, when she takes Chris North [he plays some character] to the bakery to go show him her mom, I want the way Hilary's hair looks in that scene. Can someone tell me how?!How do you curl hair?
If you have really thick hair you could flat iron it first. To keep your hair from frizzing when curling put light moiturizer in it. No GEL!!!! Seperate parts in the back of your hair and have the flapping part of the curling iron up and twist to the right on both sides. Let me now how it comes out.How do you curl hair?
uhm curling shampoo or a more expensive curling iron or call Hilary up.
Did you try scrunching it??

Use got2b kinky mousse and scrunch it. It's a curl defining mousse and it will scrunch your hair pretty good. It might not necessarily turn out ';curly'; but it will be scrunched which is close.
you should try to take a picture of it and take it to a hair dresser and they can probably do it for you if they know how?
where have you been since the curling iron came out. this is america. it aint that hard
If you really want curly hair than you should get a perm that is what i did.
UHHHH. well some people say when i curl my hair it looks like brenda songs...sooo yeah... DO NOT CURL THE WHOLE THING unless its really long x] Anyways....heres a few tips:

curl the bottoms...Curl the right side of your hair in a right direction... curl the left side in a left direction...Spray with suave HOLD spray and VIOLA!